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We are an iotor company and we create practical and easy to adopt solutions for the Internet of Things, a new area which can be confusing and overwhelming. Our primary goal is to help you make sense of IoT. This means our solutions should not only make it easy for you to manage your technical assets, but above all, help you kick-start the real potential of IoT for your specific business. We focus on real opportunities. We do not specialize in smart bulbs, sockets, or refrigerators. Not that we have anything against them. It’s more about our approach. We have many years of experience in the deployment of IoT solutions in the facility management segment and we believe that IoT is literally destined for industrial use. All those smart “boxes”, sensors, thermal cameras or NFC codes must not only be deployed in isolation but also contribute towards a single goal: Reliably performing their function while generating data that will be maximally usable for never-ending analysis and, above all, a timely response to a changing situation. It is the reaction to the collected data – in the form of automation of the subsequent processes – that is the gateway to efficiency, optimization of your assets and, ultimately, significant economic savings. 

Thanks to the fact that we belong to the OKIN group, we have many years of experience in the deployment of IoT solutions in the facility management and process automation segments. At Iotor we’re putting all this experience, expertise and innovation together – helping you make sense of IoT by making your assets smarter.


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As an OKIN Group company we have years of practical IoT experience, spanning facility management, logistics and manufacturing. We understand the power of timely responses to critical situations. But we also know that the value of IoT relies entirely on our ability to react. Without business integration, IoT data is just noise.

It makes sense to think about IoT whenever we want to realize Savings, look for benefits through optimization or plan changes in processes. We focus on clear and proven scenarios, rapid deployment and gradual expansion. We specialize in building management, specifically the optimization of environment, equipment and energy. That is why we offer you our services.


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We are part of the inovovative OKIN Group. Together with other technological companies, we belongs to OKIN Labs.

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