IoT uses cases




Wide possibilities of using IoT

Whether you are in logistics, operating a warehouse or industrial premises, managing a manufacturing business, managing an office building or a branch network, or even you are in another segment of business, Internet of Things(IoT) solutions can bring benefits you.  


Healthy and productive environment
  • Optimize and save costs by monitoring and evaluating space behavior
  • Increase worker productivity and health due to optimal conditions (heat, humidity, CO2, light, noise)
  • Healthy Building and Office Support
Protection of buildings, technologies and goods
  • Protection of building structures against degradation by preventing mold, dampness, high temperatures, etc….

  • Monitoring of storage and transport conditions of goods including compliance with production or legislative conditions and standards (pharmacy, food industry…)

  • Ensuring optimal conditions and response to failures/risks for technological rooms (boiler rooms, technical facilities, transfer stations, server rooms,…)

Track space usage
  • Analysis of the use of premises for development and use planning, cost savings (meeting rooms, use of tables, parking spaces, …)

  • Reservation system for parking and jobs (+integration for heating/cooling)

  • Predictive and reactive cleaning services (based on usage analysis or activity / request)

More efficient waste management
  • Monitoring the filling of waste containers

  • Reactive collection according to current fill

  • Fill analysis for planning the number of collections, containers, recommendations for waste management optimization

Predictive and reactive cleaning
  • Request cleaning at the touch of a button

  • Detection of cleaning needs based on environmental parameters (higher number of people in the meeting room detected, for example, increased CO2 concentration)

  • Cleaning planning taking into account room usage (no need for daily cleaning in rooms where there is no movement due to absence)


Efficient equipment maintenance
  • Prevention of failures and unplanned downtime thanks to predictive and proactive maintenance based on key parameter monitoring (temperature, vibration, sound, use time)
  • Optimize regular maintenance planning based on usage
Monitor and protect your device
  • Monitoring the position and movement of equipment (or goods) – I always know where the device is and what it does
  • Reaction to unauthorized (position, person) or improper use (speed, temperature…)
Operation optimization
  • Analysis of equipment usage to optimize usage and production planning
  • Automated re-posting of equipment usage within the company or externally
Production effectiveness (OEE)
  • Optimization of production productivity based on automatically obtained input data for OEE via IoT sensors
Call for service and status notification (ANDON)
  • Digital form of “traffic light” ANDON for identification of state in production with central overview in digital twin for “Shop floor”
  • Possibility of automated summoning of operator / service according to the place and machine where the button was pressed
Inputs for billing (of usage)
  • Monitoring the use of equipment according to the operator / order
  • Automated distribution of costs for orders or external equipment tenants


Remote energy consumption reading
  • Reduced labor and error rate when subtracting energy consumption due to automatic remote reading (water, electricity, heat, gas)
  • Support for automated accounting within a company or tenants
  • Consumption audit to prove status and history/development
Optimizing energy consumption
  • Optimization of energy consumption based on consumption analysis (incl. Control of quarter-hour maximum
  • Advanced mutual analysis of space behavior or equipment use and impact on energy consumption
Protection against unauthorized usage
  • Detection of anomalies in water, electricity consumption
  • Automatic and, above all, timely response or warning of suspicious anomalies – potential unauthorized electricity/water abstraction
Automatic billing
  • Automatic energy readings, data transformations and their transmission as basis for reposting or invoicing
Early response to accidents
  • Detection of anomalies in water, electricity, gas consumption
  • Automatic and above all timely response or warning of suspicious anomalies – possible wiring failure (water leakage), damaged equipment, etc..


Different needs, one solution


  • A healthy and comfortable environment that supports productivity
  • Reducing heating costs
  • Occupancy monitoring
  • Cleaning activation


  • Ensuring an adequate environment according to needs or standard (incl. audit)

  • Energy consumption control

  • Usage monitoring

Production halls

  • Monitoring the environment for the correct production performance

  • Energy optimization

  • Consumption cross-charging


  • Efficient maintenance (both proactive and predictive)

  • OEE analysis

  • Supervision of use and consumption

  • Service/support call

 Server /tech. rooms

  • Cooling/temperature control

  • Indication of flooding

  • Fire control

  • Entrance monitoring

  • Energy consumption control


Rental premises

  • Energy control and distribution

  • Compliance with set environmental parameters




  • Environment Monitoring
  • People counting and motion tracking
  • Space usage tracking 
  • Parking places (reservation, overview)


  • Remote reading of energy consumption
  • Optimizing consumption
  • Billing / cross-charging
  • Protection against accidents or unauthorized consumption

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