We make sense of IoT

We put the Internet of Things to work for organizations of all sizes. Increasing operational efficiency and creating new possibilities by unlocking the full data potential of your assets.


  • Protection of buildings, technologies and structures
  • Usage analysis
  • Energy savings
  • Predictive maintenance and cleaning
  • Smart Facility Management
  • Efficient waste management
  • Smart Building concept


  • Healthy environment
  • Higher productivity
  • Energy savings / heating
  • Predictive and reactive cleaning
  • Usage analysis (number of people)
  • Reservation of workplaces and rooms
  • Tenant engagement apps


  • Remote reading
  • Consumption optimization
  • Protection against unauthorized usage
  • Automated billing
  • Early response to accidents
  • Electricity, Water, Gas, Heat


  • Supervision of the branch network
  • Energy savings
  • Smart Facility Management
  • Predictive and reactive cleaning
  • Evaluation of usage
  • Tracking traffic


  • Predictive maintenance
  • Monitoring and protection
  • Space and efficiency optimization
  • Usage billing


  • Smart ANDON signaling
  • OEE – production efficiency
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Energy management


  • Monitoring of storage conditions
  • Usage analysis
  • Energy savings
  • Predictive maintenance


  • Usage tracking
  • Energy management and savings
  • Distribution of energy and services
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Smart Facility Management

IoT benefits

We have solution for you 

Owner / CEO
  • Ensuring a higher level of protection against misuse or damage of your property
  • Extend lifespan with smart maintenance
  • Grounds for property-related decision-making
  • Energy savings
  • Data for decision making and optimizing asset usage
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Machines and equipment condition and status monitoring
  • Reducing maintenance and energy costs
  • Reduction of unplanned outages and failures due to preventive maintenance
Asset/Property Manager
  • Constant overview of the status of managed assets
  • Ensuring a higher level of protection against misuse or damage to property
  • Immediate documents for billing
FM - Facility Manager
  • Constant overview of the status of managed buildings, environment and technologies
  • Simplify work by automatically managing maintenance based on reality
  • Offering new and innovative services to your clients (external or internal)
Production manager
  • Overview of machine condition and production anytime, anywhere
  • Machine productivity optimization (OEE)
  • Fewer unplanned downtime due to predictive maintenance
  • Possibility to offer new services to your internal customers
  • IT resource protection (server rooms/data centers)
  • Further use of existing systems through integration
Transformation manager
  • New possibilities with online data from machines, equipment, environments
  • Link data and existing systems
  • Automate processes based on data
Maintenance manager
  • Constant overview of the state of environment and technology from anywhere
  • Faster response to malfunctions or non-standard situations
  • More efficient remote control



A ONE place for control and reaction

  • Central data collection about environment, energy and equipment from various sources (IoT sensors, MaR, ..).
  • Clear view of status and situation in one
  • Automatic reaction to a change in the situation.
    Not only information, but also the start of the process or control.
  • Connect to surrounding systems and applications
  • Smart maintenance of buildings and equipment.
    Efficient waste management.
  • Optimizing energy consumption and protection.
  • Healthy and productive environment of offices, stores, production…
  • Ensuring the temperature chain of warehouses, transport

We place great emphasis on the response

IoT makes sense whenever we want to save money, optimize asset utilization or accelerate change. We have clear and proven scenarios for logistics, warehouses, production office buildings, retail chains and other business segments.
Whether it’s monitoring and improving the environment, optimizing machines and production processes, or monitoring and reducing energy consumption, we are able to quickly deploy SARA.hub solutions and connect them to your existing systems and processes. At the same time, we can easily adapt the solution to your specifi c needs and operational landscape.

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