We make sense of IoT

We deploy practical Internet of Things solutions in just a few weeks. Using our unique SARA.hub platform, we optimize equipment, energy consumption and environmental conditions to increase productivity, boosting efficiency and reducing cost.


Typical IoT usage scenarios

Logistics | Warehouses | Production sites | Office buildings | Retail chains


  • Healthy and productive environment
  • Protection of buildings, technologies, goods
  • Track space usage
  • Effective waste management
  • Predictive and proactive cleaning


  • Effective device maintenance
  • Monitor and protect devices
  • Production optimization
  • Equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Support / services calls (ANDON)
  • Evidence for billing



  • Remote energy consumption reading
  • Optimizing energy consumption
  • Protection against unathorized consumption
  • Automatic billing
  • Timely reaction to accidents


Our products and services



A powerful environment for monitoring assets and reacting to specific changes.

SARA.hub (Smart Assets Rapid Action) is the first, easy-to-use environment for highly responsive IoT. SARA.hub acts as a central nervous system for your assets – receiving information, processing it and triggering action when necessary in response to important events. It enables you to Displays sensors and devices in graphic diagrams, maps, and filtered lists. It allows you to set up automated responses to specific situations, data consolidation, and many other features

We place great emphasis on the response

IoT makes sense whenever we want to save money, optimize asset utilization or accelerate change. We have clear and proven scenarios for logistics, warehouses, production office buildings, retail chains and other business segments.
Whether it’s monitoring and improving the environment, optimizing machines and production processes, or monitoring and reducing energy consumption, we are able to quickly deploy SARA.hub solutions and connect them to your existing systems and processes. At the same time, we can easily adapt the solution to your specifi c needs and operational landscape.

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